Welcome to The New PPE, a ground-breaking non-profit organization based in British Columbia. Our mission is deeply rooted in ensuring that every workplace across the province has ready access to naloxone, a lifesaving measure in the event of an opioid overdose.

Our hope is a future where every workplace in Canada has the tools and knowledge to protect against the preventable tragedy of a toxic drug supply. A future where comprehensive personal protective equipment includes naloxone and is mandated across all industries in the province This mission is clear and could not be more vital.

Our values centre around safety, accessibility, and empowerment. We believe that safety is a collective responsibility, and that every worker deserves access to lifesaving measures. We aim to empower individuals in the workplace by giving them the training and resources necessary to potentially save the life of the people they stand beside everyday in a job that is already dangerous enough.

Opioid overdose is a rampant issue across Canada, with British Columbia witnessing the highest number of cases. At least 2,272 British Columbians lost their lives to toxic drugs in 2022 and at least 13,112 people in the province have died of toxic drugs since the province‚Äôs public health emergency was declared in 2016. With 20% of these deaths occurring in individuals who worked in the trades, there is a clear need to ensure that lifesaving naloxone kits are within arm’s reach on every worksite and that all workers are confidently trained on its use.

We are committed to this cause, but we cannot do it alone. We need your help to make every worksite in British Columbia safer. You can contribute to our mission in several ways: by spreading awareness about our initiative, by advocating for nasal naloxone kits in your workplace, and by signing our petition which calls for the mandatory provision of naloxone kits on all workplace across the province and, eventually, the country.

“I have personally worked in safety since February 2020, and the change in perspective since doing so did not stop on site.”

C. Michael Kinsella, co-founder The New PPE, Red Seal Carpenter and Construction Safety Officer.